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Healthy Hair Tips for Every Age of Life

No matter if you are a man or a woman, your hair is an essential part of you, and as with other parts of your body, it’s important to keep it healthy. To improve the condition of your hair, follow these healthy hair tips for every age of life.

Eat a Healthy Diet

You are what you eat when it comes to your hair. So be sure to eat a healthy diet. What is a diet that is healthy? It’s consuming whole foods as much as possible and eliminating foods with added fat, sugars, salt and other harmful ingredients. Consume a diet filled with vegetables and fruits, low-fat dairy products, lean meats, chicken and fish, whole grains, and nuts.

Monitor Your Stress

Stress can severely damage many parts of your body, including your hair. The effects of stress can lead to hair-loss and dryness. Serious conditions such as Alopecia Areata, where large amounts of hair loss occur, can also happen. Because stress has such an adverse effect on the body, learn to reduce and eliminate stress through meditation, deep breathing and time management.

Stop Smoking

Not only should you watch your diet and manage your stress when it comes to haircare, but you should also stop smoking. There are many adverse effects on the body that smoking creates, including hair that is dry, thin, and not to mention, poor smelling. Quit smoking today so that your hair can benefit from a smoke-free you.

Massage Your Scalp

Did you know that frequent scalp massages encourage growth? When you massage your scalp, you provide circulation to the follicles in your hair. You can give yourself a scalp massage by using tea tree oil, lavender oil or other natural ingredients or you can have a friend, family member or a professional give you a scalp massage.

Don’t Over Wash Your Hair

It’s great to wake up every morning to wash our hair and make it smell good. But hair does not need to be cleaned daily. In fact, daily washing of the hair will dry it out and harm its appearance. Reduce the number of times a week that you use shampoo on your hair. Also, instead of shampoo, apply conditioner to your hair. If you insist on shampooing your hair every day, be sure to use a product with natural ingredients. Shampoos filled with chemicals and additives are harmful to your hair.

Don’t Overdo it with Heat Styling Tools

Are you a lover of your blow dryer or your curling iron? Using these tools too much can dry out your hair. Instead of using heat to dry your hair, try drying it naturally. Instead of using a curling iron on your hair, try rollers designed to be gentle on your hair without pulling and snagging.

Hair is one of the most significant components of your health and appearance and its something that you should not abuse. Follow these Three Squares Soil tips for hair that is both healthy and manageable every day of the year.

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How You Can Grow Your Hair Faster

If you want longer hair, and your hair isn’t growing as quickly as you would like, you should know that you have options. There are quite a few things you can do if you want to grow your hair out faster. These are some of the ways you can speed up the growth of your hair.

Improve Your Diet

If your body isn’t getting the nutrition that it needs, your hair isn’t going to be able to grow like it’s supposed to. If your diet isn’t very healthy, you should try to change your diet for the better.

What kinds of foods should you be eating? You’ll want a diet that is rich in fruits and vegetables. You’ll also want to make sure you’re consuming omega-3 fatty acids and iron.

Make a point of eating whole foods whenever possible. If you’re eating the right kinds of foods, your body will be healthy, and your hair will be healthy too.

Consider Taking Vitamins

If you’re not taking any sort of vitamin or supplement, you’ll want to look at vitamins that will help you grow out your hair. There are a number of supplements that can encourage your hair to grow.

One of the best-known supplements that helps hair to grow is Biotin. Biotin can also help you to obtain thicker hair. There are a number of other supplements that are specifically designed to help you grow your hair out. Read reviews so that you can find some of the best hair growth supplements on the market.

Rinse Your Hair Out With Cold Water After You Shower

Once you’re ready to get out of the shower, you should turn the water off. Instead, you should shut off the hot water. Take the time to rinse your hair out with ice cold water.

Why should you apply cold water to your hair? A cold water rinse will help your hair to retain moisture, and it can also help to keep your hair follicles healthy. Frequent cold water rinses will encourage your hair to grow more quickly. It only takes a few minutes to rinse out your hair, but the benefits are significant.

Get Your Hair Trimmed Regularly

A lot of people avoid haircuts when they’re trying to grow their hair out. However, you shouldn’t stay away from scissors if you’re trying to grow your hair. You should schedule regular trims.

When you trim your hair, you’ll be able to get rid of the dead, dry split ends at the end of your hair. Your hair will be healthier, which means that reaching your goal hair length will be a lot easier.

If you feel like your hair is too short, you’ll want to do your best to grow it out. If you’re willing to try out the tips above, you should be able to grow your hair out very quickly. You might be amazed when you see how fast your hair grows. Before long, your hair will be just as long as you want it to be. Find professional hair care tips at

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Is A Social Security Card Proof Of U.S. Citizenship?

The only thing a Social Security card proves is your social security number but it is not proof of citizenship. Unless stamped with a restriction, your social security card proves that you are entitled to work in the United States for an employer without any restrictions which means that you are a U.S. citizen, a U.S. lawful permanent resident, a U.S. national, or someone in a dozen or more alien statuses that allows you unlimited rights to work in the United States of America.

Immigration Reform and Control

According to the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986, federal law prohibits discrimination by employers between those who have the right to work in the U.S. for any employer. Presenting a signed, unrestricted Social Security Card is the only proof an employer needs to verify the eligibility of the employee to work. For example, employers cannot have preference for U.S. citizens over lawful permanent residents. Other than the federal government, there are very few instances where it is legal for anyone to demand proof of citizenship.

Individuals with a social security card stamped with a restriction is all the proof anyone needs that the individual is not eligible to work for any employer, but for a specific employer only, or not entitled to work in the U.S. at all. Such individuals are never U.S. citizens as all United States citizens are entitled to work for any employer.

Currently there are two restrictions in use:

1. Issued to non-immigrant aliens who have been admitted to the U.S. who are only entitled to work for the employer who is sponsoring them stamped “Valid for Work Only with DHS Authorization”

2. Issued to non-immigrant aliens not permitted to work but who need an SSN for some reason other than employment stamped ” Not Valid for Employment”.

Documents Illegible as Proof of Citizenship

A U.S. Passport is the best proof of citizenship. Other official documents include:

– Birth Certificate

The birth certificate of a U.S. citizen born in the United States serves as proof of citizenship. The government does not issue any citizenship documentation to persons who are not citizens of the United States by birth.

The citizenship of a person born outside the U.S. as the child of at least one U.S. citizen parent may vary according to the law in place at the time of the birth. In most cases a person would have to prove that one parent was a U.S. citizen at the time of birth and had lived for a period of time in the U.S. or its possessions.

In this case there are two options to be recognized as a citizen of the United States:

1. FS-240 or Consular Report of Birth Abroad of the birth registered at the closest U.S. Consulate;
2. A Certificate of Citizenship which can be applied for by completing Form N-600 if the person is already living in the United States.

– Certificate of Citizenship or original Naturalization Certificate serves as proof of citizenship.

Every U.S. employer is required to verify that each new employee hired is illegible for legal employment in the United States. To meet this requirement a U.S. citizen is required to show proof of citizenship via:

U.S. Passport
U.S. Birth Certificate accompanied by a government-issued photograph identification document;

Get to know more at

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How To Apply Hair Oil

If you are looking for an easy and effective way to make your hair look shinier and healthier, you are going to want to apply hair oil to your hair. Hair oil is going to look amazing and it is going to make your life much easier. When you use hair oil, you are going to look more attractive and the oil is also going to add hydration to your hair that is going to make it feel and look softer. When you want your hair to be the best it can be, you want to consider using hair oil because it is going to help your hair look its best.

Different Types Of Hair Oil

Hair oil is very easy to use and there are many different types of oil you can use to soften your hair. The type of oil that you use is going to depend on your type of hair and you will also want to enjoy oils that can enhance different types of hair so that your hair starts to look softer and shinier. When you use hair oil you can expect your hair to look beautiful and you won’t believe how much shine your hair has.

Artificial Hair Oils

When you are looking for the right hair oil for your hair, you want to consider using organic oils. Organic oils don’t have any chemicals and they are much safer for your hair. You don’t want to use things with chemicals because chemicals can affect your hair and your health. Artificial hair oils don’t work as well as organic or natural oils and they can lead to eventual hair dryness.

Argan Or Coconut Oil

You can even make your own hair oil by using coconut oil or argan oil. Buy the best oil that you can afford because high quality oils are going to work better than oils that aren’t as high quality. When you use high quality oils you get better results and you are going to have shinier looking hair. When you want your hair to look as shiny as possible you are going to want to make sure that you use the best hair oil that you can afford.

Hair oil is going to make your hair look amazing and it is going to feel soft and silky. There are many different ways that you can apply hair oil. You can apply it to wet or dry hair depending on what you want to achieve. If you use it on wet hair, your hair is going to be straighter and the oil is going to help keep down the frizz. If you use the oil on dry hair, you can achieve a shinier look and your hair is going to feel and look silky.

You can experiment with different hair oils so you can find the type of oil that is going to work best for your needs. Make sure you find a hair oil that you really like and that works well with your hair type. Hair oils can make your hair easier to manage. Check threesquaressoil for best hair essentials.

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A Basic High Performance FPGA Design Overview

The basic design of field programmable gate arrays is well known. You can find schematics for them on the web. If you have never used a designer get before, you may not know how to actually manipulate them. Their appearance is very familiar. If you have ever seen a circuit board displayed on television, or on the Internet, that’s basically what they look like. What you may not know is how it is put together, what the different components do, and how you are able to program it. Let’s discuss what a high performance FPGA design will look like, and how you can find some of the best ones on the web.

Basic Overview Of FPGAs

The first thing you should do is get a development board. If you really want to know how they work, you can use one that is going to be large enough to physically manipulate. In the real world, when you are actually programming these, this will be done using computers. However, so that you understand how everything is working, you will simply begin to manipulate the different components as you go along. For example, there are going to be input output pins, buttons, LED lights, and an assortment of other components to help you understand how FPGAs work. All of this will be contained within this rectangular development board which will have an FPGA that is running the show. It’s your job to program it, and that’s why it has all of those accessories on the outside to show you how it functions.

What’s The Difference With High-Performance Ones?

Once you have seen how a regular one works, you then need to simply realize that high-performance FPGAs are just so much more powerful. They are going to have more components, and they are usually very small, allowing them to do a multitude of things all within a very similar size or space. That’s because they are designed by machines that can incorporate all of these components, usually at very fast speeds, and can also be programmed by these same machines using state-of-the-art software.

What If You Would Like To Buy A High Performance FPGA?

Purchasing one of these is in going to be very difficult at all. In fact, there are many companies including Xilinx that produce them all the time. As they become better, what you purchase one year will likely be obsolete within a few years. Keep that in mind as you are investing in these all the time. The most obvious sign that this is happening is when you purchase a brand-new computer one year, and then four years later it is literally obsolete. That’s because the software programs that are designed to work with these more advanced units. That’s why you have to keep constantly upgrading your computer or purchase a new one because the FPGAs need to be operating at a higher speed.

This overview of high-performance FPGAs should help you understand a little bit about how they work. As technology continues to improve, they will become smaller and faster. At the very least, you can get these developer kits that will show you how a basic field programmable gate array works, and then you can extrapolate from that how the high-performance models not only work but how they are designed. For more information visit

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How To Avoid A Trip To The Social Security Card Replacement Office

The SSA is slowly trying to move the offices online. That doesn’t mean their offices aren’t out there. They are all still out there, but they would certainly prefer not to handle everything in person and via snail mail. Perhaps that is best, but the fact of the matter is that you likely don’t have to visit a social security replacement office in person to get another card, if you aren’t changing any information on the card.

Look For Social Security Number

I said ‘likely’ because there are state restrictions in some cases. If you have to change information, such as your name or social security number, you are also restricted from applying online. That may sound disappointing after you just figured out that you could handle business with the social security office online, but those restrictions make sense if you think about it.

While there are common reasons that people have to change their name, and some people their number, most just need a replacement card. They have lost their card, had it stolen or it has become too damaged. Those social security cards aren’t always so easy to keep in good shape. They are made of paper of course. The good news is that if you simply need a replacement card, you are most likely going to be able to apply for it online.

Apply Online

Notice I used the word ‘likely’ again. For starters, you do have to get past that state restriction. Does your state allow you to apply online? The SSA website will tell you. If you are just now learning about online applications for replacement social security cards, chances are you don’t have an online account with the Social Security Administration Office just yet. That is also something else you must do.

When you register online with the SSA, you have to verify your account using your cellphone or email address. Whichever you choose is up to you, but you have to register and account and verify the account. That sounds simple and straightforward enough, doesn’t it? Not only that, but you will be done quickly. Once you are done with that step, you will also have opted to receive your annual wages and social security benefits statements online as well via your account with the system.

Visit Website To Apply For SS Card

The next thing you have to do of course is what you visited the website for in the first place, to apply for that replacement social security card. You will find that process simple and straightforward, too. You will just have to fill out the short application and then answer the questions to verify your identity and citizenship status.

Then you are ready to submit to get lost social security card application, and you will get a confirmation email. It will take a couple weeks for you to get your card, but it will arrive shortly. Isn’t it great that you can leave out the trip to the SSA office? Now if you can just avoid a trip to the DMV and the post office for awhile, too, that would be great.

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Choosing An Authorized Electronic Components Distributor

If you need to purchase large quantities of electronic components, you’re not going to want to limit yourself to buying what you need at local stores. Instead, you will want to seek out an authorized electronic components distributor. Keep these things in mind when you are selecting your distributor.

Find A Distributor That Is Properly Established

You should try to work with a distributor that has been providing people with electronic components for quite some time. The longer a distributor has been working in the industry, the more likely it is that they will have knowledge and experience.

If a distributor has just started working with clients, it’s likely that they are still figuring a lot of things out. It’s best to work with someone that has already learned the ropes. Strive to find a distributor that knows exactly what they are doing.

Find A Distributor That Offers Everything You Need

You shouldn’t have to make any big compromises when you are ordering electronic components. You should always be able to get the exact components that you need. Before you enter into a partnership with a distributor, you should find out what they are able to offer you. Make sure they have a wide selection of components.

You shouldn’t just think about the kinds of components that you need in the present. You should also think about what you might want to buy in the future. Ensure that you’ll be able to turn to this distributor for all of your present and future needs.

Find A Distributor With Reasonable Prices

If you’re going to be ordering a lot of circuit components from a distributor, you’re going to want to try to keep your spending in check. If you find a distributor that charges reasonable rates, it will be easier for you to stay within your budget each month.

Some distributors charge a lot for their components. Others, however, charge very reasonable prices. Try to compare the rates charged by different distributors. If you do that, you should be able to find the most affordable options available to you.

Ask Others For Advice

Don’t be afraid to reach out to other people in your industry. It’s likely that many of your colleagues have relationships with distributors. Have conversations with a few people. Try to learn whether those relationships are positive or negative overall.

You can learn a great deal if you learn from the experiences of other people. Don’t be afraid to talk to people about this sort of thing. If you reach out to others and ask them for recommendation, you’ll be able to make a highly informed choice. The people you know can guide you towards a great distributor.

If you have a great distributor behind you, you’ll always be able to get a hold of the components that you need. Use the suggestions above to find an authorized electronic components distributor to work with. You should be able to find someone that can give you everything that you need.

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Pema Originals Online Business

Online business is the new big thing, and it’s taking the world by storm. The best way to make money, and the way that most people are choosing, is to open an online store or offer some sort of virtual service. After all, owning and operating an online business is often easy, and can be done from the comfort of your own home, in the comfort of your own pajamas, what’s not to love?
Most people decide to open their own online business after seeing- and becoming reasonably jealous of- the incredible commercial success of other online businesses. Facebook, Twitter, Etsy, Torrid, Amazon, Skype, Kik, Snapchat and Ebay are all integral parts of society’s functionality. They are indicative of a new way of life. They are prime examples of how technology shapes the lifestyles of those who have access to it.
The average person spends more time on the internet than they spend doing anything else. And, if they are not on the internet, they are almost definitely attatched to a screen of some variety or another. Adult office jobs are often portrayed in movies and shows as always having something or other to do with a computer.
That’s nine hours of screen time a day! Technology changes the way the world operates, and is completely capable of changing even the most minute thing about our lives. Think, for example, about the last time you used the restroom without a cellphone.
So, it’s no question as to why so many people are drawn to creating an online business. However, not every online business is as successful as those we have mentioned above. In fact, very few are. Every day, hundreds of millions of online businesses are created. And, similarly, every day hundreds of thousands of online businesses go under. But why?
It worked for Facebook, didn’t it? It worked for Twitter, and it worked for Skype, and it worked for Snapchat, and it worked for Etsy, and it worked for Amazon, and it worked for Ebay. If a certain approach worked for all of those extremely successful online businesses, why won’t it work for everyone?
Home Business
Here’s the answer: originiality. The world values originality. It values innovation, and it values creativity. You can’t expect to become successful using the approach of other online businesses simply because you are not that business. The world has been there, the world has done that. The world is- frankly- uninterested. The advantages to being original in online business are plentiful.
We can go on and on about hypotheticals on the advantages to being original in online business. But frankly, you can never fully understand the advantages to being original in an online business until you yourself see the sort of comercial success it will yield. The world rewards those who take risks, especially technological risks. People of the internet want you to offer up something that they have not yet seen.
So, when conceptualizing your new online business, keep that in mind. Make your new consumers want to say “Wow!” Make them want to tell their friends about your amazing new business. Weird gets attention. Quirky moves merchandise. Fresh catches the eye. You want those words- weird, quirky, fresh- to apply to your online business.
The advantages to being original in online business do not stop there though. If your product is unique enough, it is something the world hasn’t seen before, then no one will be able to compare your product to anything. Without something to compare it to, your product will seem even better than it surely already is.
You will never lose money to your competitors because, well, you won’t have competitors. There will obviously be other online businesses, but your precious clientele won’t be lost because of that. If no one can do what you do, then you’re always going to be able to find new customers. You will always be able to generate new intrigue. That is probably the most useful one of the advantages to being original in online business, you create a legal monopoly.
In conclusion- be original. Be original! You will experience so many wonderful advantages when you are original in your online business. The world of online business is crowded, and it can be difficult to make a breakthrough. The advantages to being original in online business can’t- and shouldn’t- be ignored.

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Common Problems Facing New Online Businesses Today

Starting an online business can be a bit challenging, especially if you are a newbie. It is worth noting that today online business is inevitable despite the problems that every entrepreneur faces while establishing a business.

There are unique challenges that your business will face. Sadly, a number of small enterprises fail to establish themselves online due to the fact they cannot overcome regular marketing problems, including stiff competition. If you have experience in web design, content creation as well as inbound marketing, then you will stand a higher chance in this new field.

Here are the most common issues faced by small online business across the globe:

Setting Up a Quality Website

This is the crucial step when it comes to building e-business. If you have chosen to go online, the first problem you have is designing the best website possible. This implies that you should be in a position to search for a reputable web designer, who can create captivating, easy to load and navigate site.

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Selecting the right programmer may not be easy, but it is an exercise worth trying. This is vital considering the fact that business metrics can be influenced by a series of factors such as general appearance, simplicity and so on.
Studies show that around 46 percent of the individuals like the websites that appear professional, and use this criterion as way to determine whether the site is credible or not. Therefore, it is essential to build websites that are not only elegant, but also function smoothly.
With quality content, your site will appear at the top of search engines such as Google, Yahoo and others. This explains why it is vital to publish content, which is of high quality, informative and captivating. Creating such content can be quite difficult since it requires skills. Hiring an expert can help you write great content that is valuable to your niche.

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Moving at the speed of business
Growing an Audience Through Social Platforms
There are a wide range of social platforms or media that one can use to drive traffic to his or her site. Some of the leading social media comprise of Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter and more.

Remember that after creating a good looking website, the next hurdle is to market your site. One of the credible ways to achieve this is to employ social media. The objective of the social platform is to grow a large customer base that is interested in your products.
This involves knowing basics of search engine optimization and understanding website metrics such as bounce rate, conversion rate, visitors and many more. Social media will determine that number of people visiting your site during a particular timeframe.
This option can be time consuming since it involves time posting, monitoring and responding influencers in your site, across your targeted social platforms. In addition, managing several accounts can be demanding at the end of the day. Despite the above challenges, social media is a key aspect that businesses can use to gain attention of the future clients and leads.
Establishing New Leads
Each and every new online enterprise requires a mechanism of generating leads. In most cases, clients do not make purchases the first time they visit a website. This means that you ought to communicate with your potential clients a second time.
To realize your desired goal, capture contact details, which will help you initiate a personal relationship between your company and users. There are a variety of options to create leads, but one of the popular ways is providing free quality content in form of videos, ebooks, reports and so on in exchange for phone number or email address. This way, you will be able to communicate with your customers while making them invest in your products.
Converting Leads Into Sales
This is another challenge that new enterprises face today. Apart from generating leads, you need to convert them into sales. In order to make sales, your site should be credible and secure. Online business that want to excel must overcome this test.

Businesses that are optimized and rank at the top of search engines convert easily than those that are not optimized. This is because many clients use search engines when they want to order goods or services online. Therefore, when customers look up to you as an authority within your business or industry, they will value and trust your business and hence invest money in your products.

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From EIN to LLC Filings, How to Start a New Online Business.

Business Structures and How to Start a New Online Business, From EIN to LLC Filings

Today young entrepreneurs are earning by venturing various types of online businesses. While starting an online business you will have to decide about its structure as it will help in filing the income tax returns as well as applying for EIN.

The most common types of business structures include the sole proprietorship, partnership, corporation, and a Limited Liability Company or LLC all of which are run as per the laws of the state. You can choose from them after considering their legal and taxation requirements.

But most of them prefer to start multiple businesses these days to create more earning opportunities. In this condition it becomes necessary to know the best ways to manage different ventures suitably to run them successfully.

For instance a caterer can start as a part time copyright editor or a restaurant owner can start a wine shop along with it. These multiple businesses can be covered either under one corporation or by forming a separate LLC for each business. They can be structured as per legal as well as marketing perspective.

Structure of multiple businesses on legal perspective

While starting multiple online businesses on legal perspective then you can start them in three ways as briefly described here under. Though all the options have their own pros and cons but you can choose from them as per your own requirements.

Type 1: Start each business as a separate LLC or Corporation or LLC

In this option you will have to form separate LLC or Corporation for each business like separate LLCs for restaurant as well as wine shop. This seems to be easy to handle them separately but it can be rarely suitable for every business owner.

The main drawback of this option is enormous paperwork as you will have to fill up a number of forms for the purpose of taxation and administration of each structure. It can be suitable for the businesses containing potential risky liabilities.

Type 2: Start with one LLC or Corporation and add others under it as DBAs

In this option you can start by creating one LLC or corporation and register other businesses with various fictitious names known as DBA or Doing Business As within the same country or state.

This option is good for doing various types of independent businesses with different names and branding for their particular market even if they are legally protected by the main LLC or corporation. It will reduce paperwork enormously as the income of each venture will be filled as the income of the main corporation or LLC on a single form.

Type 3: Start with one LLC or corporation and add other businesses under it as LLC or corporation

According to this option you can create a holding corporation or LLC and include multiple businesses in it as separate LLC or corporation. This option is normally adopted by an established business when it starts a new business by funding it. But in this scenario legal and taxation paperwork becomes more complex.

Structure of multiple businesses on marketing perspective

While structuring multiple businesses online from marketing perspective you can start it in two ways.

If two businesses appeal and relevant for the same customer like opening a wine shop along with a restaurant can relevantly appeal to the same customer, then both the businesses can share the same brand name.

On the other hand, while structuring multiple businesses by including different types of businesses like in case of becoming copyright editor along with a caterer, then you will have to use different brand and business names as well as websites for each business.

So before starting a multiple business you should consult with a taxation advisor to find the best business structure you.

Applying for a new EIN

A new EIN or Employers Identification Number is required by businesses when there is a change in their structure or ownership but not in case of change of name of the business.

Every type of business whether it is a sole proprietorship, partnership or a corporation has to apply for new EIN whenever any person enters into or leaves the business structure. But in case of LLC you need not apply for new EIN as each entity participating in it is considered as disregarded entity.

Thus after considering the information provided in this write-up one can easily structure an online proprietorship, partnership, corporation or LLC business and file application for new EIN as per its requirements.