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Healthy Hair Tips for Every Age of Life

No matter if you are a man or a woman, your hair is an essential part of you, and as with other parts of your body, it’s important to keep it healthy. To improve the condition of your hair, follow these healthy hair tips for every age of life.

Eat a Healthy Diet

You are what you eat when it comes to your hair. So be sure to eat a healthy diet. What is a diet that is healthy? It’s consuming whole foods as much as possible and eliminating foods with added fat, sugars, salt and other harmful ingredients. Consume a diet filled with vegetables and fruits, low-fat dairy products, lean meats, chicken and fish, whole grains, and nuts.

Monitor Your Stress

Stress can severely damage many parts of your body, including your hair. The effects of stress can lead to hair-loss and dryness. Serious conditions such as Alopecia Areata, where large amounts of hair loss occur, can also happen. Because stress has such an adverse effect on the body, learn to reduce and eliminate stress through meditation, deep breathing and time management.

Stop Smoking

Not only should you watch your diet and manage your stress when it comes to haircare, but you should also stop smoking. There are many adverse effects on the body that smoking creates, including hair that is dry, thin, and not to mention, poor smelling. Quit smoking today so that your hair can benefit from a smoke-free you.

Massage Your Scalp

Did you know that frequent scalp massages encourage growth? When you massage your scalp, you provide circulation to the follicles in your hair. You can give yourself a scalp massage by using tea tree oil, lavender oil or other natural ingredients or you can have a friend, family member or a professional give you a scalp massage.

Don’t Over Wash Your Hair

It’s great to wake up every morning to wash our hair and make it smell good. But hair does not need to be cleaned daily. In fact, daily washing of the hair will dry it out and harm its appearance. Reduce the number of times a week that you use shampoo on your hair. Also, instead of shampoo, apply conditioner to your hair. If you insist on shampooing your hair every day, be sure to use a product with natural ingredients. Shampoos filled with chemicals and additives are harmful to your hair.

Don’t Overdo it with Heat Styling Tools

Are you a lover of your blow dryer or your curling iron? Using these tools too much can dry out your hair. Instead of using heat to dry your hair, try drying it naturally. Instead of using a curling iron on your hair, try rollers designed to be gentle on your hair without pulling and snagging.

Hair is one of the most significant components of your health and appearance and its something that you should not abuse. Follow theseĀ Three Squares Soil tips for hair that is both healthy and manageable every day of the year.