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Pema Originals Online Business

Online business is the new big thing, and it’s taking the world by storm. The best way to make money, and the way that most people are choosing, is to open an online store or offer some sort of virtual service. After all, owning and operating an online business is often easy, and can be done from the comfort of your own home, in the comfort of your own pajamas, what’s not to love?
Most people decide to open their own online business after seeing- and becoming reasonably jealous of- the incredible commercial success of other online businesses. Facebook, Twitter, Etsy, Torrid, Amazon, Skype, Kik, Snapchat and Ebay are all integral parts of society’s functionality. They are indicative of a new way of life. They are prime examples of how technology shapes the lifestyles of those who have access to it.
The average person spends more time on the internet than they spend doing anything else. And, if they are not on the internet, they are almost definitely attatched to a screen of some variety or another. Adult office jobs are often portrayed in movies and shows as always having something or other to do with a computer.
That’s nine hours of screen time a day! Technology changes the way the world operates, and is completely capable of changing even the most minute thing about our lives. Think, for example, about the last time you used the restroom without a cellphone.
So, it’s no question as to why so many people are drawn to creating an online business. However, not every online business is as successful as those we have mentioned above. In fact, very few are. Every day, hundreds of millions of online businesses are created. And, similarly, every day hundreds of thousands of online businesses go under. But why?
It worked for Facebook, didn’t it? It worked for Twitter, and it worked for Skype, and it worked for Snapchat, and it worked for Etsy, and it worked for Amazon, and it worked for Ebay. If a certain approach worked for all of those extremely successful online businesses, why won’t it work for everyone?
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Here’s the answer: originiality. The world values originality. It values innovation, and it values creativity. You can’t expect to become successful using the approach of other online businesses simply because you are not that business. The world has been there, the world has done that. The world is- frankly- uninterested. The advantages to being original in online business are plentiful.
We can go on and on about hypotheticals on the advantages to being original in online business. But frankly, you can never fully understand the advantages to being original in an online business until you yourself see the sort of comercial success it will yield. The world rewards those who take risks, especially technological risks. People of the internet want you to offer up something that they have not yet seen.
So, when conceptualizing your new online business, keep that in mind. Make your new consumers want to say “Wow!” Make them want to tell their friends about your amazing new business. Weird gets attention. Quirky moves merchandise. Fresh catches the eye. You want those words- weird, quirky, fresh- to apply to your online business.
The advantages to being original in online business do not stop there though. If your product is unique enough, it is something the world hasn’t seen before, then no one will be able to compare your product to anything. Without something to compare it to, your product will seem even better than it surely already is.
You will never lose money to your competitors because, well, you won’t have competitors. There will obviously be other online businesses, but your precious clientele won’t be lost because of that. If no one can do what you do, then you’re always going to be able to find new customers. You will always be able to generate new intrigue. That is probably the most useful one of the advantages to being original in online business, you create a legal monopoly.
In conclusion- be original. Be original! You will experience so many wonderful advantages when you are original in your online business. The world of online business is crowded, and it can be difficult to make a breakthrough. The advantages to being original in online business can’t- and shouldn’t- be ignored.