Foldable Solar Panel Mobile Phone Charger Kit

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Tired of dead phone batteries? Your perfect solution has arrived. This foldable solar power charger is perfect for camping, sporting events, outdoor activities, or just keeping it in your backpack or purse.



Your devices are important to you. Keep them in working order while you are on your next trip. Charge them on the go with this compact foldable solar panel charger! Perfect for a travel bag, camping bag or backpack. This is a larger panel that will strap to your pack or you can lay it down on any surface. This Solar Charger will charge most mobile phones in about 1-2.5 hours in direct sunlight. The attachments make this a great option for your next trip or normal daily use. Get it now at a great price!

Power Source: Solar EnergyType: USB

Compatible Brand: HTC, Samsung, Motorola, Toshiba, Panasonic, Blackberry, Nokia, Sony-Erickson, Palm, IPhone, Ipod, and more.

Color:: Green Camouflage

Output Voltage:: 5-5.5V

Output Current:: 1000mA Max

Weight:: 0.84 lb.


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