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Relocating for business; who to notify and what to keep in mind.

Have you ever thought of moving your business from one location to another? If your lease has expired and you are looking for a larger space that is more affordable, there are several factors that must be considered;

If you are looking for a better location for your business, there is more than just packing up your belonging and signing leases. Your online presence must move along with you.

If you rely on local searches or even mobile searches to bring visitors as well as customers to your location, moving out without having a good plan to update your phone number or address can be costly.

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Here are the topmost important things to put into consideration when you are moving to new locations;

* Communicate pre-move as well as post-move

Make sure you communicate about the impending move with your customers in good time. Utilize your e-mail lists, direct mail, website, flyers, social media, press releases, advertising, Blog etc. Make sure that you have included directions as well as everything that is going on in the new neighborhood.

Business relocation

If you are moving for positive reasons, demonstrate some boldness when sharing those details. For instance, if you’re expanding, make sure you have a message that specifically thanks the customers for their continued loyalty

Do not forget to leave some fliers with your former neighbors after you have moved; request them to display those fliers in their windows

* Change your online physical address

This means Yelp, Google places, Health grades, Angie List, Yahoo local, Bing places etc must bee updated. Doing this consumes time but it’s a very important duty nevertheless. When you begin sharing your new business address, ensure that you use normalized addresses that Google, post office or other address entities recognize

* Try to maintain your phone number

If you have been forced by circumstances to get a new number because of changing towns, make sure you keep the old number and forward all calls to your latest number. This will assist you to re-direct customers to your new business location

* Inform the Government

The government must know that you have moved. You must update your address, name as well as other pertinent information regarding taxing and licensing entities

* Update your addresses on all pieces of marketing that you may have

Update your business cards, email, signatures, email marketing templates as well as your website.

Some services such as this complete address change service offer assistance notifying all agencies.

* Update all your paid search campaigns

If you are focusing on local markets while running paid advertising campaigns, your physical addresses must be updated in your location extensions. Wrong addresses will send customers to wrong locations- this is always a painful loss for any business top absorb

* Update citations

Apart from local directory listings, it’s also important to change as many citation websites as you can to the new phone number or address. You must begin by searching your old address and making notes of any page that is in the top twenty. These are the things you need to change within the shortest time possible

Making sure that local citations are updated as you move is always vital. Inconsistent phone numbers found on numerous websites affect local ranking

* Do not forget the social media

Addresses on twitter, facebook etc must be changed as well

Automatic payments websites that auto-charge business credit cards will always be calling because all charges cannot go through the after you update the address at your bank or Credit Card Company

* Use location-based services so that you can attract passersby

Do not forget to capitalize on mobile technology. Promote the new business location by using mobile apps that are capable of targeting consumers that are in the vicinity. Make an effort of scheduling deals that can be delivered during key hours

* Give an incentive to existing customers so that they can make an effort to visit you at the new location

For your business to blossom you need customers. Your customers are basically your livelihood; you must give them the respect that they deserve. Give them incentives so that they can stop at the new location. Ensure that the incentives are time-bound

* Host events that are capable of attracting and retaining customers

Give the customers a reason to come to your store on a frequent basis not just because of the products that you offer. Your customers must feel at home at the new place where you have moved. Bars and restaurants can greatly benefit from hosting such events